The following are Excerpts and quotations from recent speeches by Jay MCMahon:

Second Amendment

1.    I am a  Second Amendment advocate.  Citizens have the right to Keep and Bear Arms under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; and also under Article XVII of the Massachusetts State Constitution.  It is a clear civil right worth fighting for.

2.    Licensed gun owners are lawful gun owners and good people.  In large part, they have no criminal record, or only very minor offenses.

3.    Licensed gun owners, as a category, commit the least amount of crimes in Massachusetts than any other category, including the clergy.

4.    Licensed gun owners do not commit crimes, because they know that on the day they do, no matter what their crime is, they will lose their LTC or their FID, probably forever.

5.    In Massachusetts, the right to “Keep and Bear Arms” is the only constitutional right that you need a “license” issued at the discretion of the government, in order to exercise it.

6.    Public Safety is my main concern.  I will enforce keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people, who use guns to commit their crimes; based on their record of criminal convictions.

7.    Obviously, people suffering from insanity cannot have access to guns.

8.    Public Safety is at the top of my priorities.  We must prevent access to guns for those who suffer severe mental health issues which prevent them from forming rational thought or making sound judgment. Psychiatric evaluation to be applied according to strict guidelines, void of political view.

9.    I have a problem with licensing authorities failing to grant an LTC or an FID to an otherwise suitable applicant solely based on discretionary or subjective reasoning, as opposed to a felonious record of convictions, containing gun violence.

10.   Massachusetts is a "May" state, as opposed to a "Shall" state, or a "Constitutional Carry" state.  I am of the conviction that "May" is an infringement of the Second Amendment.  "May" gives the licensing authority the discretion to deny, in which an appeal is more often than not futile. We can do better than this in Massachusetts.  The right to "Keep and Bear Arms" is God-given,  and it should be difficult for the government to deny it.

11.    Let's be clear, this current AG is going after us, to take the guns from lawful gun owners; this is her plan to get “guns off the street”.  Think of what this means, she says that you, the lawful gun owners, are the problem for illegal guns being on the streets.  Licensed gun owners do not commit crimes. Thugs get their guns on the black market, and not from our licensed gun shops.  Licensed gun owners have their guns properly stored and accounted for. Their guns are not on the streets committing crimes.

12.    When a left wing politician does not trust her constituents with their constitutional rights, this is a set-up for an obvious gun grab, and you have to question their motives. Why don’t they trust the American people?  History has shown that all socialists regimes begin their reign with a gun grab.  There is an agenda by this current AG to disarm the citizens of Massachusetts.

13.   We have had our Massachusetts State Constitution since 1780, the U.S. Constitution since 1787, and the U.S. Bill of Rights since 1791; and the God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms since prior to 1620.

14.    You will not have to sue me in order to exercise your “God-given Rights”, protected by the Constitution, as the Constitution states them.

15.    Your rights, including The Second Amendment, are safe with me.


1.    Since Maura Healey has been with the Attorney General’s Office, the deaths caused by the opiate trade have more than doubled.  The problem is not resolving, it just is getting worse daily.

2.    In June 2017, the current AG came to Cape Cod and brought some money that she had squeezed from CVS and Walgreens.  It seems that it’s not only the licensed gun owners and the licensed gun shops that she’s going after.  So she’s got some money, and she’s handing some of it out to a few of our local school departments, (Barnstable, Monomoy Regional, and Martha's Vineyard Regional, to name a few), for “Educational Purposes”.  And so, basically, she is reacting to the public outcry against the opiate crisis like Liberals do, by throwing some money at the problem.  This translates to the local government officials as: “Here is some money, this is your problem, you deal with it.”

3.    Until we begin to take this opiate epidemic seriously, we are never going to see this crisis resolved; and the numbers of opiate deaths will continue to climb because this AG is doing nothing but paying lip service to the problem.

4.    I propose a three-part component to tackling the opiate crisis: Long-term treatment, intense law enforcement, and drying up the source. That means we need to cooperate with Federal authorities.  We need to cooperate with the federal authorities; such as ICE, the DEA, the FBI, Customs, and the Border Patrol.  However, that’s not going to happen while Maura Healey is office,  because she wants Massachusetts to be a "Sanctuary State".  A sanctuary state, just like sanctuary cities, refuses to cooperate with Federal authorities.  So right away you cut off almost all of your most important law enforcement assets.

5.    Have we learned anything at all from the Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston Marathon Bombing of April 15, 2013?  I don’t know what our Homeland Security or the MA AG’s office knew at the time, (most of that is probably classified and confidential, because it is intelligence information);  However, one thing we do know, is that the Russian Intelligence Services warned our government about these Chechen Tsarnaev Brothers, telling us they were Islamic extremists, and associated with Islamic radicals, and to watch them carefully.  We do not know if the AG’s office knew this back then.  They certainly know it now.  The President issued his Executive Order putting a temporary moratorium on people coming in to our country from six failed states until  "Extreme Vetting" can be implemented. So how is it that Maura Healey keeps suing President Trump?  Because she is against this!  Maura Healey actually thinks that foreign nationals have a civil right to be here. You got to ask yourself: "Whose side is she on?"

6.    We need to work with Federal authorities by becoming increasingly vigilant when it comes to law enforcement on those who would peddle opiates in the Commonwealth.  We need to develop and foster a cooperative effort with all Federal law enforcement agencies.  We need to dry up the sources of opiates.  This has to be our law enforcement Priority Number One.

7.    We have to be intensive in our law enforcement against the purveyors of this poison to our children.  In other words, we have to go for maximum sentences.  We need to make it extremely difficult and hazardous for these thugs to continue in the drug trade in Massachusetts.  We have to make them fear law enforcement.  We have to make it too difficult, and very hazardous, for them to conduct their business, their line of work, their livelihood, here in Massachusetts.  They need to see it as a very real threat to their freedom.  If they are not convinced to give up that trade, they will at least move on to some other, more lenient state.  We have to hit them hard and publicize it.  We need to get tough in the way we go about enforcing the existing laws.  We don’t need new laws, we just need to enforce existing laws.  

8.    We need to help those suffering from addiction.  The reason why there are no effective government programs, or no real money being spent on addiction rehabilitation, is because those in crisis usually don’t vote.  We have to be willing to help those afflicted and put them into long-term and probably involuntary commitment.  Countless numbers of parents are pleading with government officials to implement effective treatment programs. Current programs fail because those afflicted by opiates need significant time to be fully and completely weaned off the effects of long-term opiate addiction.  Habitual opioid use will cause changes in the brain.  Short-term treatment programs for a week or two do not resolve opiate addiction.  In my meetings with "parent support groups", I have found that most addicts do recovery programs “for life” on the installment plan.  In other words, they do a month or two here, a couple of months there, six months out of a year, but they never get fully clean and clear of the addiction to opiates.  It becomes a revolving door, even with the best of intentions. We need to get serious and invest in a successful one-time, long-term treatment  program, as opposed to the failure of multiple short-term treatment programs. In the end, the long-term programs may prove to be more economical. Needle Exchange programs do not resolve this, and “Safe Shoot-up Rooms” do not resolve this.  We need to give quality care which requires long-term care. We need to obtain facilities.  Some would say, there are no resources and a lack of facilities.  If we treated this problem like a hurricane disaster, we would have the resources to treat people.  We would use armories, vacated schools, closed hospitals, abandoned warehouses, anyplace necessary in order to care for those in need.  An entire paradigm change is needed to fight this crisis.


public safety

1.    Our Attorney General filed an action in the Federal District Court in Boston against President Trump trying to block his Executive Order to keep us safe.  He wants to institute "Extreme Vetting" before allowing foreign nationals into our country from unsafe areas.  Maura Healey claims that foreign nationals from these “failed-states” have a civil right to be here.  She is suing the President in order to let these foreign nationals come into this country "unvetted".  These people are coming from areas that are failed states, meaning there is no central government. These failed states are involved in multiple civil wars, and they include elements of ISIS and Al Qaeda. Forget about computers, these people don’t even have birth certificates or immunization records.  And Healey claims these foreign nationals have a civil right to be here.  This is left-wing lunacy at its worst.  Everybody knows that no foreign national has a civil right to be in the United States.  This is Lawyering 101.

2.   Now how is it that our AG can find a constitutional right for a citizen of Syria, Libya, Yemen, or Somalia, or any of those other failed states, when none exists; and yet she cannot acknowledge the Second Amendment rights of citizens of the United States that allow residents of Massachusetts the right to keep and bear arms.

3.    Healey's public safety policies would disarm all citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while subjecting them to the dangers of "unvetted" foreign nationals from failed states.

4.    In July 2017, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts decided that state law does not require court officers and local authorities to honor civil ICE detainers for illegal aliens.  This threw out decades of cooperation among state and federal law enforcement agencies.  That was a sad day for law enforcement in Massachusetts; but not for this current Attorney General. When the S.J.C. decision was announced, Maura Healey, along with the ACLU lawyers announced, "This is a victory for us, we won!" 

5.    You have got to ask yourself, "Whose side is Maura Healey on?"